Behind the Scenes

Yikes, It's almost a month again since my last blog!
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gawd, how time does fly by. But at least I've been busy, mostly with work.

Hosting the karaoke cabaret at Remington's is a lot of fun, especially working with Michael Fratz, the bartender. He's also a singer, so the two of us do various numbers in between the customers singing, as well as a lot of banter and innuendo between us. So drop on by on a Friday or Saturday night from 10pm on and have a lot of fun with Michael, my co-host Bunny, and yours truly.

Apart from that, I'm working on the new Coulter cabaret show, and we're set to open on the road in Indian Head, Maryland the weekend after Easter/Passover. From there, we'll head back on up to NYC for a few weekends, and then back to DC. I'll post the venues and dates when everything is signed, sealed and delivered. There's a alot of new material on the new administration, Congress, and the general state of the economy.

In the meantime, I'll also be performing at the TEA 2nd Annual Drag Ball at George Washington University on Thursday, 26 March, and will post how to get tickets as soon as I have the info.

And this Friday I'll be doing a photo shoot up here on Capitol Hill for a book/photojournalism project. So if you're walking around Capitol Hill Friday afternoon and run into a really tall blond with cameras in her face, stop and say hi.

OK, back to work for me. I want to finish two more songs, a few more pages on the movie script, and get some of the legalese contract side of show biz finished before I take a nap.

Later, gang. And don't be afraid to write, all you lurkers :).


Getting Ready for a Number of Shows
Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, it's been a busy month, working on some new ideas.
To start with, I'm still hosting karaoke Friday and Saturday nights at Remington's on Capitol Hill. Michael and I are bringing in quite a crowd with our own cabaret and antics between the karaoke performers, so we hope to see you there. It's 627 Pennsylvania Ave., SE starting between 9 and 10pm every Friday and Saturday.
I'll also be performing at a benefit at Remington's on Thursday, 5 March, so try to drop by then.
And later in the month, 26 March, I'll be performing at the TEA Ball at George Washington University.
And then in April, Michael and I, and hopefully Reed, will be taking our Coulter political cabaret show down to Indian Head, MD to the Chesapeake Bay Floating Thteatre for a weekend or two.
I'll be posting more details as we get closer to the events.
Until then, it's off to karaoke.

A Very Busy Six Weeks
Saturday, February 7, 2009

I did not realise it has been six weeks or so since I last posted here.
Well, needless to say it has been a very productive period of shows, new material, new bookings, new characters, and some new partners in crime in the comedy/cabaret field.
I don't want this one blog, however, to turn into an encyclopedia of the past month and a half, so I'll get back to the future, as it were, and post exciting events of the past later this week.
So, first of all, we are writing new material and gearing up for the Oscars on 22 February!
So if anyone out there wants to book us for a special Oscar party, you know how to book us, or inquire about our rpices. Just hit the book us link on our opening page, or send email to We are working on political and non-political material, and, of course, I can do my Joan Rivers character, as I did at a special Oscar party last year for the red carpet entrance, and then a show inside in between watching the Academy Awards on your big screen TVs.
And when you're a female impersonator, you know a lot of big screen TVs.
OK, that's about it for now. Will blog again in the next few days about other new developments.

OK, Time for An Update
Friday, December 19, 2008

Yep, it's been a busy two-plus months. The campaign season was busy with shows in DC, NY and around the country, and then came to a screeching halt after the election. But as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing," because it gave us a well-needed and deserved break.
But we're gearing up again in January, with four shows during Inaugural Week, and possibly a show for a large company the week right after, and then on 31 January our annual grant reception for Brother Help Thyself.
So what are we up to in December? Hosting karaoke at Remington's on Capitol Hill on Friday and Saturday nights, for one. And this Sunday, 21 December, I'll be performing, also at Remington's, in a benefit for Grandma's House, which takes in kids with pediatric AIDS.
So it's off in about an hour to host karaoke, then back to work writing new material for January's shows.
And stay tuned for some good information real soon.
Love you all, and Happy Holidays.

Well, Another Busy Month
Friday, October 10, 2008

And I won't even get into all the insanity of the past few weeks. It's been steps forward, steps back, and then forward again. When the time comes, I'll write about it. Right now, it's back to the grind. But in the meantime, I've been asked by numerous people to share one of my latest song parodies from the show. It's about the current economic "situation" and it goes to the tune of an old song called "We're in the Money" from The Golddiggers of 1933. For those of you unfamiliar with it, you can go to YouTube and find Ginger Rogers singing it. OK, so here it is. Enjoy. I'm sure I'll change the lyrics a dozen times or more during its run in the show.

We're Out of Money ©2008 Bill Pietrucha/Capitol Cabaret

We're out of money, and that ain't funny
We'll water down the soup to make it through the week
And old Bernanke, is really cranky
He really screwed the pooch and now we're up shit creek

We gonna see the headlines about breadlines real soon
And then we'll tell Hank Paulson that he should go back to Goldman Sachs
We lost our income, our stocks and then some
We went and spent it, sent it right down the tubes

Oh yes, and all the yuppies, you bet, are having puppies
Cause Abercrombie stock is tanking like their tops
Don't wanna wake up, we're almost bankrupt
My MBA is worthless, should have learned a trade

Portfolios are dropping, and never stopping to rest
Our credit cards are maxed out, and the interest ride means suicide
We lost our income, our stocks and then some
We went and spent it, sent it right down the tubes

Yikes! It's Been a Long Time Between Updates
Friday, September 12, 2008

But at least the reason is that it's been a productive few months. We've been doing shows around the country, including New York City, with loads of new song parodies and monologue/dialogue,. I've also been performing with the always brilliant Frank King as John Edwards and also as John McCain. BTW, I'm adding Cindy McCain to my repertoire to play with Frank in upcoming shows... and maybe Sarah Palin if I can get the look right.
But alas, Deb Combs, my long-time director, confidant and fellow performer (she as Hillary) has bid adieu once again to show business, and is now living out in Estes Park, Colorado.
The good news, however, is I have a new Hillary, Reed Walton, who is in the picture with me. God, does she have that laugh perfected.
So we all are alive and well, and having fun through this incredibly busy political season.
I will update more frequently to keep you all abreast of new shows. I promise.

We're Booked for NYC in July/August
Monday, May 26, 2008

Almost a month since my last blog, but it's been a very hectic month, from the Night of a Thousand Stevies with Bobbie Jean in NYC to hosting a benefit fashion show and writing new material.

And the new material is for our very own off-Broadway show at Broadway Baby Bistro on W. 53rd St. (aka Jerry Orbach Way). We're booked right now for 8 nights, July 11-12 and 25-26, and then again August 1-2 and 8-9.

I'll post more information a little later this week. Gotta run and get more paperwork finished. Take care, and I'll write again soon.

Maybe Not Ready for Prime Time, But Definitely Ready for Off-Broadway!
Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yep, we're getting it all together and taking it on the road (with apologies to the Off-Broadway show of the same name). And the road leads back to New York City.
While the details are still being worked out, we'll be performing "Annie Has Her Gun," a political satire cabaret show up at Broadway Baby Cabaret and Lounge starting some time in late June/early July for a four week or so run.
I'm just finishing the final song for the 90 minute show's "first draft" script. And new material will continue to be added, as politics and current events warrant, not only up to opening night, but every night during the run to keep the show fresh. Think of The Daily Show with music.
I'll put the exact dates, address and ticket prices up under Upcoming Shows as soon as we finish the biz details of show biz. It'll have a fantastic supporting cast, along with Yours Truly, so I hope to see all my friends from the New York Metropolitan Area not only at the show, but afterwards for a cocktail or two.
OK, back to writing.

I'll Be Performing in NYC this Summer
Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Egads, another month without an update. Well, that must mean things are really busy.
To start with, the Cookbook is now in production and should be out the end of June. This was done to benefit Doctor's House, which provides low-cost medical and emergency services for the residents and visitors to Fire Island in New York. I'll put out info on where to get it as soon as it's published.
Next, it looks like we'll be performing at Broadway Baby, a cabaret and comedy club on W. 53rd St. in Manhattan this June/July. I'll post the exact dates when I have them. So I'm working on new material, and there will be new faces in the show as well.
I'm also auditioning for a couple of other gigs over the next two weeks, and will keep you all posted.
OK, just a quick update, since it's been so long. More to come soon, gang.

The Video is Down on YouTube/MySpace
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, Derek, the producer and director of the comedy sketch pilot, took down the videos of me as Ann Coulter debating the werewolf. He only wanted them up for about a week or so to get some reaction. I'll keep you guys posted as to what happens. In the meantime, we're finally getting teh schedules together for the music videos for the cabaret show. We should start shoting in early April, and run through late May for the location shots on the farm. I'll let you all know when we're doing teh cabaret shoots and you're invited to the filming. I'll post the dates and venue as soon as it's firmed up. It'll be somewhere on Capitol Hill, that much I know. SO it's back to the farm in the morning. OK, gotta go, will post more later this week.

Just a Quick Note
Friday, February 29, 2008

If you go to myspace, there is a video of our television comedy improv pilot posted in which I play Ann Coulter in one of the sketches.

It's at:

Enjoy. I'm heading back to the farm for the next two days. Tons of work to catch up on.

It's Been A Hectic Month or So
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yep, once again I keep fallling behind in updating what's been going on. Briefly, we've been taking two or three steps forward, and one back. The zombie movie is in the can, and we're waiting to see it in the next week or so. And the first storyboards and parody songs are ready to roll for the music videos, but we've been having problems coordinating between Isaac and Joe, the directors, the crew, and all the little details that make film production go smoothly. But in the meantime, I've done a couple of quick gigs, including, as you can see by the picture to the right, and some other new ones in the photo gallery, playing Abraham Lincoln. Never let it me said that I limit myself in the roles I play... from spies to zombies and from Ann Coulter to Lincoln.
And I'm well on my way to completing the long-awaited screenplay that Deb and I first collaborated on about two years ago. I should have that wrapped up in its first complete draft by the end of April, the latest.
Oh, and I'll be performing for a Brother Help Thyself fundraiser on Thursday, 27 March at Remington's on Capitol Hill. Hope to see you alal there for a very worthy cause.
So it's off to the farm for a few days, but I'll write again over this weekend.

Oh, And A Reminder
Friday, January 18, 2008

I started up a myspace site for my Coulter/acting persona, along with one for me as me. They're at and I haven't done much with the Bill site, but the Ann site is chock full of pix and stuff.
Later. Lova ya.

And January is Rolling By
Friday, January 18, 2008

Wow! What I though was going to be a quiet January has turned into a whirlwind.
To back up a bit the week between Christmas and New Years Eve was insane, between a reflective Boxing Day, and Christmas Eve and Day with my Mom. By 8am Christmas Eve day I was on her roof checking and fixing shingles (on the roof, not her scalp) and cleaning gutters, then proceeded to do other projects for her from running new electric lines in the house to some plumbing. Yeah, I'm the one who knows how to do all those things and still look absolutely fabulous. I can weld a fence and sweat pipes without breaking a nail.
Then it was back to DC and business as usual, arguing with agents and managers, writing new political satire, and working on storyboards for our upcoming music videos for my Ann Coulter show. If I could draw better than stick figures, I'd be better at storyboards. But at least it gives Isaac and Joe, my producer and director, something to work with.
Then it was back into the studio for audio editing. The zombie movie still is in post, and I'll upload a clip when I get some rushes. You won't recognise me, I assure you..
And the cookbook is now laid out and getting ready for the printer. It'll be a beautiful coffee-table type book, and I'll let you know how to order one when it's printed. Remember, all proceeds go to the Doctor's House on Fire Island.
New Years Eve was quiet at the Hawk n Dove,, where I sat with my Dad Seth (actually a film student at the University of new Orleans) watching young female Hill staffers throw up in... and on... a bar. They really have to learn how to coordinate their cocktail dress, shoe and barf colors better.
Finally, Joe, my director, and I were able to coordinate our schedules and go through my scripts and storyboards for the music videos. Looks like a mid-February date to start production. One of the videos is a location shoot at the farm, and I'm not that thrilled about getting water poured over me or riding bareback and driving farm equipment in near 0C weather while wearing a leather miniskirt and bustier. Political comedy is serious business. OK, that's the teaser. You'll have to wait for more details until after the video is finished.
Then its been a few interviews with a couple of newspapers around the country re my comedy act, and next Saturday, ,26January, we hold our annual grant distribution for Brother Help Thyself (I'm Miss BHT). We'll be distributing again well over $100K to charities, and yours truly will be performing.
And in between I helped the tech crew put the stage floor in at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts (DESA) here in DC, where Hexagon will put on its new show, Stars and Gripes Forever in March. I'll post the exact dates when I remember them. We got the stage floor in in record time, I think, from unloading the truck to placing all the floor pieces to the masonite floor covering. Great work by all involved, especially the kids from DESA who helped us, and who will use our floor for their own production next month.
Unfortunately, I'm bogged down with other stuff, so I probably won't be in the Hexagon show this year, unless they need Ann Coulter as one of the newsbreak guests or something. But go see the show anyway. I haven't seen the material, but every year it's better than the last. And all proceeds go to a local charity, so it's a definite two-fer... great show, great cause.
OK, Im outta here. I have to go get out of face, make a cup of tea and add the merest touch of Jameson's to it. OK, maybe a cup of Jameson's and the merest touch of tea. Works for me.
Later.. Love ya'll

Happy New Year
Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year, Everyone.
Yep, it's been a few weeks again since I've been able to find the time to post some new comments.
But at least it was a busy December.
I performed at the 12 Days of Christmas benefit in Baltimore on 8 December, who was a lot of fun, and Brother Help Thyself was one of the beneficiaries.
Then it was off to NYC for a cold weekend where I was in the cast of The Ultimate Drag-Off at Dillon's on W. 54th St. The weather was a mixture of rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow, the audiences were small, but we all had a great time despite the weather. And around 2:15am Sunday morning, there I was, still in full regalia, hailing a cab at W. 54th and Broadway to Penn Station to catch the 3am train back to DC. Oh, did the conductor love me.
Then it was back to the farm, and a photo shoot in Warrenton at the Tadpole Café for a cookbook, with the proceeds going to Doctor's House on Fire Island. My deepest thanks to Jean-Michel and Francoise and Sarah for letting me "shoot my balls" (well, actually round cream puffs) in their restaurant.
The cookbook is now in production, and I'll let you know how to get a copy when it comes out. The proceeds all go to support the work of Doctor's House.
And then it was back outside in the cold to finish shooting the zombie movie. I play the Dad of a typical, suburban zombie family out on a picnic that gets shot and chain-sawed by a madman. My family gets "killed" but I survive to rip out and eat the heart of the madman. Nothing like horror comedy. But I think it should have been a musical.
So now it's a relatively quiet January, working on storyboards for our music videos for the cabaret show, which we start up again in early February.
OK, gang, until next time. Will post some shots from the cookbook shoot in a few.

And Another Month Races By
Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Well, it's been a busy month. Right after my last post, I headed up to New York to do a comedy sketch tv pilot. It was a fun, crazy crew to work with, chock full of some bright improvisational minds. Then that Saturday night, I headed over to Dillon's to catch the Drag-Off show up there. It is part vaudeville, part game show, part improv, and a lot of audience participation. I'll be part of the cast on 15 December.
So after getting back to DC, it's been a combination of writing new material for the Coulter show, which we hope to have on stage by mid-January, working on the farm, and co-starring in a new comedy/horror indie film tentatively called Picnic of the Living Dead. I play the dad of a typical, suburban zombie family out on a picnic, complete with human brain sandwiches, bratty teen-age zombie kids, a loving, tolerant wife, and a guy with a chainsaw.
And Blair Michaels and I were on the Don and Mike Show (WJFK-FM, 106.7 in DC, other stations around the country) for a pre-Thanksgiving spectacular. I've posted some pix, along with the one above, in my Photo Gallery.
We have about a week of production on the zombie movie left, and hope to wrap up this coming Sunday.
In the meantime, I will be performing at Club Hippo in Baltimore this Saturday afternoon at a benefit called the 12 Days of Christmas. The show starts at 2pm, and more details are available on my Upcoming Shows page and at
OK, it's back to work.

Off to NYC for a Long Weekend of Work
Friday, November 9, 2007

Well, here I am writing new songs, packing for a long weekend in NYC, cleaning up the mess in this apartment, and longing to finish and go get a beer. We're taping a comedy/sketch pilot over the next few days in NYC. Good thing the material is already written, and the rest is improv. Then it's off to meetings with some other cabaret owners about my show, and performing Saturday night.
I'll give you more details next week.Looks like I may be back in NYC to do my show by mid-December.
And we're negotiating with some clubs in DC to do my show back here in early/mid-January, just as the political season heats up. Hence the new songs.
So, have a great weekend, everyone, and I'll report back on the next few days later next week.

It's Been A Long, Long, Time
Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just a quick note to say I'm still around and kicking, writing a new show set to open late December/early January. Lots to tell about the past two months in my next post, hopefully tomorrow. But in the meantime, it's back to the farm to get caught up om work out there. Until tomorrow!

It's been a busy month
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Well, July is usually one of my slowest months, followed by August, but it ended up a lot more involved than I planned. I played a spy in an indie movie, did a few Coulter political cabaret shows, and am writing two movie scripts right now.
Only two shows scheduled for August, which leaves me time to write and plan for the Fall, and possibly a college tour with Frank King playing John Edwards.
So keep the emails coming, and I'lllet you know the Fall schedule as soon as it firms up.

Wow! It's been over two months since last post!
Friday, June 29, 2007

Hey Gang,
Sorry for the delay in posting, but it's been a long two months or so, but mostly for the good. We're finishing up the shoot on an Indie movie called Fly on the Wall (the pix of my eyes is a still from the shoot... I play the "Mystery Man" in a Cold War "Absurd Drama."
And Frank King and I are working on some television projects with Joey Edmonds. I'll keep you posted when we get the green light.
So I promise to post again regularly, especially since I'm working on about 10 shows for DC and Baltimore areas over the next three months before heading back to LA for a bit. I'll post the dates and venues for the shows as soon as we're firm.

Our First Video!
Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finally we have our first video posted. Well, actually it's on YouTube, and shot by The Politico ( at our "debate" last week. We should have at least two more clips up in the next few days, and then more clips from the debate and some other cabaret songs from my regular Coulter show.

Debate Video on YouTube
Monday, April 9, 2007

Hey Gang,
Well, the Politico has posted a short clip from our Coulter/Edwards debate on YouTube.
The link is:
I'll keep you posted on when we start on national tour and possibly some late night television appearances.

Great Debate Last Night
Saturday, April 7, 2007

So the great debate between Ann Coulter and John Edwards was a rousing success last night at American University. Led off by our agent Joey Edmonds, and moderated by comic Doug Hecox (me Jane), comedian and Edwards impersonator Frank King and I "debated" before a full house and five television cameras. The video will soon be on my site here, American U's video channel, and clips and interviews with Frank and me will also be on The Politico's web site,, early next week. It is also going back to LA with Joey, and clips will hopefully be seen soon on national network and cable shows. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, we hold auditions for an Iindie film, Fly on the Wall, later this afternoon for a number of parts. I'm already cast as one of the principals, so I'm just there to offer my opinions on the auditions and cast selection.
I'll keep you all posted.
Oh, and that five minute documentary David Laster and Mark Aguirre (American U. film grad students) did on me is now on YouTube at
Let me know what you think.

She's Baaaaack!
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, after a winter hiatus, I'm back playing Ann Coulter in a political cabaret setting. But first, I and fellow comedian Frank King, who impersonates John Edwards, will be hosting a "debate" on April 6, 2007, at American University's Wechsler Theatre (third floor, Mary Graydon Center, 4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW). The debate, starting at 7:30pm, will be the kick-off performance for our national tour of college campuses, comedy clubs, and any other place within 300 feet of a bar.
The April 6th show will be videotaped for use by the Tonight Show, and proceeds will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
More information will be posted soon here and under "Upcoming Shows."
For more info on Frank, visit
Hope to see you all there.

And Miles I Went Before I Slept
Monday, March 26, 2007

With apologies to Robert Frost. Well, the Hexagon show, Strike While the Irony's Hot, ended Saturday night with another sold out crowd. Hexagon presented a check for $60K to Ronald McDonald's House.
After the show we had to strike some of the set, and while the cast and crew were partying, I had to leave early, like 12:30am, to head up to Baltimore for the end of a Brother Help Thyself benefit with Sasha and Sparkle Alexander (Miss Leon's) at Leon's.
Then it was back to DC in the wee hours for a quick nap and shower and paint again to be in Blair Michaels' (my Momma) bid for Best Actress. Got a lot of laughs singing "Anything You Can Do" with Carlton Stevens, and "Little Girls" fron "Annie."
Then it was off for more costume changes to perform at Remington's Sunday night after the DC Idol competition there.
So after two days or so on a few catnaps, I was tired, to say the least.
So what's next?
I'll fill you all in tomorrow on our upcoming television and stage productions.
Love ya all.
And thanks to the entire Hexagon cast and crew for letting me perform with them.

Down to the Final Four Shows
Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yep, after a busy month, we have only four shows left before we strike the set of Strike While the Irony's Hot. Tickets for the final four nights, Wednesday, 21 March through Saturday, 24 March, are aailable at Friday and Saturday are almost sold out, so act quickly. And once the show is finished, I have two shows on SUnday, 25 March, at the Almas Temple downtown Sunday afternoon, and at Remington's SUnday night on Capitol Hill with Kristina Kelly, Chanel Devereaux, Phoenix AMber Bloomingdale and others. Hope to see you all there.
AFter that, we tape some of my Ann Coulter schtick for a possible cable network airing.
And if you missed them, check out these two links about yours truly to the Washington Post:

Preview Night Tonight
Thursday, March 1, 2007

One more reminder about Strike While the Irony's Hot. We open tomorrow night, 2 March, and run through 24 March at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts Theatre in Georgetown. Ticket info at www.hexagon. Hope you can come out for some great musical comedy and political satire, and also to help support Ronald McDonald House, our charity this year. I'll report on opening night over the weekend, and our filming of the documentary later next week. Hope I can get some pix from opening night.
And yeah, I'm getting into a warm Kauai mood again. Time to travel again come April.

Another Opening, Another Show
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Earlier tonight we finished our final dress rehearsal for Strike While the Irony's Hot. We open this political satire musical comedy Friday night, 2 March, at the Duke Ellington School for the Arts Theatre in Georgetown. While I'm not playing Ann Coulter, I am in quite a few dancing and singing ensemble numbers. And I'm in the four most comedic numbers in the show, singing, dancing and doing my usual physical comedy schtick. Good thing I don't take my dramatic acting career that seriously.
Hope you can make the show. Go to for ticket information. And remember, the profits go to help building Ronald McDonald house in the DC area.

One More Week Til Show Time
Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well, I told you all I wouldn't have much time to update this site over the past month, and I was right. Between rehearsals, the farm, Ollie's death, and working on a documentary, life has been pretty full. So, Lunar New Year parties are over, Karneval(Mardi Gras) is gone, and I'm off to rehearsals again in a few hours. One week until we open next Friday night, 2 March. You can order tickets through for "Strike While the Irony's Hot," which runs through 24 March at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts Theatre. Hope to see you there.

Brother Help Thyself Grant Reception
Monday, January 29, 2007

Well, as I said in the Photo Gallery, we distributed over $142,000 to various charities in the Baltimore-Dc area last Saturday. That's makes everything seem worthwhile. Check out for ticket information on our new political satire musical, "Strike While the Irony's Hot," opening in DC on 2 March and running all month.

Brother Help Thyself Grant Reception
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just a quick note in between rehearsals: We're having our annual Brother Help Thyself grant reception this Saturday, 27 March, at The Hippo, 1 West Eager St., Baltimore, MD. Time is 2pm.
Entertainment will include Miss Leon's, Sparkle Alexander, and yours truly as Miss Brother Help Thyself. I'm planning on doing two new songs (comedy no extra charge) so come on up.

We're in Rehearsals
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Well, we're finishing up our first week of rehearsals, with seven more to go before we open on March 2 with the Hexagon Players' original musical production, "Strike While the Irony's Hot."
Tickets are now available online. Just go to and follow the onscreen instructions.
The show opens March 2 and runs Wednesday through Sundays through March 24 at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC.
Weeknight performances (Wednesday and Thursday) are $20,
Weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are $25.
Wednesday through Saturday performances begin at 8pm, and the Sunday matinees begin at 2:30pm.
The theatre is at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, 3500 R Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007.
For more information, including how to become a sponsor in our playbill, please visit
Hope to see all of you in the Washington, DC area there!

Happy New Year!
Sunday, December 31, 2006

One final show for 2006 later tonight, then it's off to get ready for a busy 2007. I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2007.

Merry Christmas to All
Monday, December 25, 2006

OK, one final pix in my Ms. Santa outfit before New Year's Eve. Wishing all of you the best in the new year. And I'm hoping to get some video up very soon after the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All
Thursday, December 21, 2006

Here's wishing each and every one of you the merriest, safest and happiest Christmas and Channukah season ever. I have a hectic schedule of shows from DC to Baltimore to New York City between now and January 2, but I'll try to keep you posted on my travels.

It's Christmas Benefit Show Season!
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

OK, so another long break between posts. But it's been a busy few weeks. We did a benefit for Global AIDS at Remington's a little over a week ago and raised over $3000, then the annual 12 Days of Christmas in Baltimore for Pediatric AIDS and Kids on Wheels. And it looks like I'll be doing at least 12 more benefits between now and the end of the year.
Apart from that, the film crew is finishing up the documentary on yours truly, and I hope to have the other docu finished by end of next week. Then a mild break of a few weeks to write new material for the Ann Coulter show starting up with the new Congress. I'm going to miss some old faces, but I'm sure the new ones will prove to be jusy as humorous for me.

Yep, the past few weeks have been as crazy as I look
Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yep, it's been a hectic few weeks, and they're not ending any time soon. A film creew has been working on a documentary on yours truly, which has taken up a lot of time with all the filming. Plus, I did 16 shows in 18 days, some benefits, some for profit. More on them later this week.
So it's now Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and I'm trying to get caught up on paperwork and getting my schedule finished for the final filming of the two documentaries and preparing for another benefit on 2 December.
And it's the farm tomorrow and Saturday, so hopefully I can post again by Sunday.

Finally, Some Down Time
Monday, September 25, 2006

I finally have some time to spend in the office, catching up on the web site and paperwork, and preparing for the fall season. I performed in the Academy of Washington's annual "New Faces" (I know, I'm an old face, but I never performed in that revue before). The theme was cartoon characters, and, duuuh, Olive Oyl immediately popped into my mind. Talk about stereotyping!
So there are a bunch of new pix under the photo gallery during and after the show.
And keep checking the Upcoming Shows section. I'll be filling the calendar with shows, benefits and other events by the end of this week.

Time for Some Down Time
Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It has been one heckuva long weekend! It started last Friday when my friend Gum, who owns Pete's diner, asked me to perform at her annual August Moon party. She said "I have six short, black haired employees, so I need one tall dumb blond." So here we all are right before teh party started. I then performed two other places that night, and was up by 7am (after going to sleep around 4am) to pick up Joann, the presideint of Brother Help Thyself, and to head to the ASGRA rodeo where we had a booth for BHT. I left at 6:30pm and headed to the Hyatt in downtown DC where I performed a couple of numbers, then to Remington's for a few after party cocktails. I repeated the same events on Sunday, and finally passed out around 4am Monday having lived on about 7 hours sleep since Friday morning. Anyone know what happened to this past Monday? I'll post some funny stories from the weekend in the next day or two. Time to clean up this mess and get reorganised for the documentary coming up and two shows this coming weekend.

Another Busy Week Ahead
Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The BHT benefit last Thursday raised over $1000, and then I performed at the annual Labor Day picnic at the farm. We had a nice crowd of friends and their dogs, and I performed some of my Paris Hilton and Ann Coulter routines.
Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and I managed to end up last SUnday morning with a nice cut in my tire from running over something on teh farm. Ever try to change a tire in acrylic nails? Fortunately Amy and Jana were there to give me a hand.
Next stop shoeing my horses, helping Brother Help Thyself raise more money this weekend at the ASGRA rodeo, then back to finishing off the documentary by the end of September. See you soon.

Busy Week, Great Shows
Friday, September 1, 2006

Hi there, everyone. Well, it's been a hectic week. I performed last Sunday in the Remington's Review, and then again at Remington's Thursday night, 31 August in another benefit for Brother Help Thyself. A small crowd, but a geart one. We raised a bit over $1000. My deepest thanks to Remington's for letting us host the benefit there, and also to my fellow performers Big Momma Alexis DuCraix, Precious B.F. Stone and Beth Brockelman. We had a great, fun time performing, the audience loved it, and I cracked my jaw open while sliding acorss the floor during our finale. Anything for a laugh, that's me. So I'm resting my chin today in preparation for another show Sunday afternoon/evening at a private party. I'll be trying out my newest political satire material as Ann Coulter, and may throw a few other characters in for fun, like Paris Hilton. Enjoy the new photos in the gallery, and I'll be posting more soon. Love ya all.

Yikes, It's Been Over a Month!
Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sheesh, time does really fly by. Well, I've been busy this past month working on the farm (the dry weather has created new almost daily jobs of filling the water troughs for the horses in four different fields), writing and rehearsing new material, and trying to get everythhing ready for the documentary.
Remember, the Brother Help Thyself benefit is this Thursday, 31 August at Remington's on Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill. Alexis DuCraix, Kristina Kelly, Precious Stone, Beth Brockelman and Xavier Bottoms will be performing with me, and I think I put together a pretty upbeat and funny show. So come on down and enjoy the show. All money raised goes to Brother Help Thyself.

Great Weekend!!!!
Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey Gang,
I have to be at the farm in just 5 hours to shoe my horses, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who contributed to our Brother Help Thyself ( benefit.
I don't know the final tally yet, but we're still waiting for a couple of contributions to come in.
If anyone wants to contribute, go to and make a contribution through paypal or however they take contributions. Just make sure you say it's for the BHT Pour House benefit with Ann Michaels.
Loads of pix from the show will be on the site by Wednesday night.
I'm going on about 8 hours sleep in three days of shows and other work, so after I get back from the farm Tuesday night, I plan to sleep about 14 hours.
Love you all, and please write.

Brother Help Thyself benefit show this Saturday
Saturday, July 1, 2006

Hey Gang,
The big Brother Help Thyself benefit show will be this Saturday, 8 July, at the Pour House (Top of the Hill) starting at 7pm. Show starts 8pm. Tons of performers, free buffet, drink specials, silent auction, and all of the money goes to BHT. $10 at the door. Hope to see all of you there. Anne (in this pix with me) will be there, too. If you can't make it, please email me with a donation. This is my last gig in DC until October. I'm leaving for the West Coast in late July for shows in LA, SF, Seattle and Anchorage before heading back to NYC in mid September.
Love ya all.

Great Weekend
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hey Everybody, we had a great weekend at Baltimore Pride, following the DC Capital Pride festival. Move than 250,000 turned out for the parade and festival here in DC. As usual, I represented Brother Help Thyself, helping to promote our charitable giving. And remember, I'm producing a BHT beneft at the Pour House on Capitol Hill on 8 July.

Hey, I'm Back for a While
Friday, June 16, 2006

But not for long. Heading up to Baltimore in a few hours for a weekend of shows, parades and festivals. And hopefully I'll get pix than last week. We had a tremendous turnout last weekend in DC for Capital Pride, with estimates of more than 250,000 at the festival, and slightly less at the parade last Saturday. Here I am on the Brother Help Thyself float with Mr. BHT. The marriage was short, he dumped me for his partner right after the parade. SO I went and hung out with Blair, Phoenix, Ophelia, and others until the wee hours of the morning. OK, enough for now, I'll be back on Monday when we start on the documentary and other film projects.

The Cabaret Goes Dark for A Few Weeks
Friday, May 19, 2006

Yep, one show this Sunday, then we're taking three weeks off to work on new material, new projects, and the documentary. But we'll still be posting over this time, keeping you all informed about the new shows and the BHT benefit show on 8 July.
And that is me, checking out the load level in my favorite hydraulic dump truck out on the farm. It still has a manual choke, to give you an idea how old it is.
Later, gang.

It was a long, long week
Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hey Gang,
Well, it was one long week last week, with 7 shows in 4 days, including a benefit for Grandma's House for Pediatric AIDS Saturday night. One show this coming Sunday, and then the theatre is dark for a few weeks while we work on the documentary and some other shows. But I'll be posting new information about upcoming shows, including my BHT benefit on 8 July. If anyone wants to donate, please let me know at OK, a few new pix to post, then off to sleep.
And thanks for all your support.

It Was A Long Weekend
Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hey Gang, between the BHT Casino Night Benefit, rehearsals, and a couple of shows, it was a hectic weekend. And this weekend starts Thursday night with a show, a private party of political cabaret Friday night, and the benefit for Grandma's House Saturday night at Titan's. I'll be co-hosting with Victoria Barerra Jaymes and Phoenix Amber Bloomingdale. So come up to Titan's, upstairs from Dakota Cowgirl on 14th Street, NW (near P St.) for some great entertainment for a great cause.
More pix and details about the July 8 Brother Help Thyself benefit show later this week.

A Busy Month Ahead
Thursday, May 4, 2006

Hey Gang,
Well, it's been a busy few weeks with shows up in NYC and in the DC area. And the weeks are about to get busier with benefit shows this entire weekend, and then next week.
But the big news is I am producing a benefit for Brother Help Thyself (for more info on BHT, scroll down to some of the earlier postings) on Saturday, 8 July, at the Pour House on Pennsylvania. There will be tons of entertainment, including Rat Pack impersonators and singers, including Frank SInatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, and, of course, myself as Carol Channing and other characters.
I'll post more info on the benefit party/performance as details emerge.
We also start shooting a documentary in the next two weeks, so I'll be pretty busy.
More to come soon.

Some Upcoming Benefits and Shows
Monday, April 24, 2006

Hey Gang. Well, I'm off to the farm and then to NYC for the rest of this week, and then back in DC to work on the documentary and a couple of shows through May. The big one will be 27 May at the Pennsylvania Pour House on Capitol Hill, a benefit for Brother Help Thyself. You can learn more about BHT by going to It should be a great show, so keep posted for further details.

Busy few weeks, even busier to come
Friday, April 21, 2006

Hey Gang, Sorry for the delays. Been doing a number of shows, both paid and benefit, and am now working on a documentary in which I'll be playing yours truly. No, not me, my "alter ego," as it were. Also producing and starring in a big benefit for Brother Help Thyself on 27 May at the Pennsylvania Pour House on Capitol Hill. For more info on BHT, go to Hope to see all of you there. In the meantime, I promised Allee I'd get this pix of us up on the Web site. OK Hon, here it is. I'll also post it in the photo gallery section. Will keep all of you posted on the BHT benefit and the entertainers who will be performing. Love ya all.

Yes, It's Been a Long Time
Monday, April 3, 2006

Hello, everybody.
My apoligies for taking so long to post a new entry here. But it's been a few busy weeks on the farm, plus shooting two movies. I'm also waiting to hear about a call-back to an off-Broadway revival.
OK, so the Coulter/political cabaret show should be up and running by end of April, barring the off-Broadway gig.
But in the meantime, I've done a number of benefits for Brother Help Thyself and other groups, so it's not like I've been in hiding.
The pix with this posting is of me and my friend Jessica Snowden, or Jessica Joy Snowden. She wanted her full name so she could Google herself and find her pic. I did a freebie birthday party show with her this past Saturday (yes, April Fool, though she was born at 12:25am April 2).
Obviously we both need to become a little more extroverted.
More to come soon, like in the next few days.
Love ya all, and give to the charity of your choice. If you don't have one, go to and make a donation. I want to break $150K this year, after helping raise $137K and change last year.
Later, Gang, need some sleep.

Another successful benefit
Friday, February 24, 2006

Well, last night we has a Boots on Broadway benefit as part of the Actors' Equity "Broadway Cares" AIDS charity. No final tally yet, but we raised well over $1000. Thanks to all. Crazy week ahead, mostly working on the new show and rehearsals. Will update soon. Love ya all, and keep the letters/emails coming in.

Quick Quiz: Which one is me?
Saturday, February 11, 2006

Yeah, yeah. I'm the tall one in the back. SO much for a secret agent career in Beijing impersonating a Chinese woman... unless I told everyone I'm Yao Ming's little sister or something. Been a busy two weeks since the last posting, including throwing out my back (ouch!) hauling logs and splitting wood on the farm.
This picture is from yesterday at our Chinese New Year party at Pete's Diner on Capitol Hill. This is our family picture, although I'm more usually called Uncle Billy rather than Aunt Annie. But GUm, the one on the far left, and owner of Pete's, asked me to work the party as "Miss China," so I had to oblige. Besides, it was fun. We had more than 250 people show up for a Chinese buffet.

Getting ready for BHT grant distribution this weekend
Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here's the family again, a bit different from our Christmas pix. That's Momma Blair on the left, Patti in the middle, and yours truly on the right. Quiet week and a half ahead, just writing new material for my Coulter show and some other comedy sketches for my other characters. Should have a new show schedule up in early February as soon as we finish negotiating venues.
BTW, this Saturday we distribute $138,000 in grants through Brother Help Thyself. Will have pix and a list of our recipients by Sunday afternoon.

Fun Weekend Over, Back to Work
Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well, the long MAL weekend is over, and it's back to work. Dance rehearsals tonight, farm and farrier later this week, and our Beekman Place Family Day "American" show this coming Sunday. We'll be videotaping the new Coulter show in about 2-3 weeks, and I'll keep you all posted. I love Sharkey's T-shirt.

Leather Weekend in DC
Saturday, January 14, 2006

Yep, it's the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend here in Washington, and here I am with Momma Blair representing Brother Help Thyself as Miss BHT. I'm off in a few minutes to do another fundraiser for BHT. Later this month we will distribute grants to a large number of charities and organisations totaling well over $100,000. I'll give you the exact total as soon as I know it myself.
Will have tons of pix to post in the next few days after I complete this whirlwind weekend. Be safe, all of you.

Happy New Year
Saturday, December 31, 2005

After a long week in New York, I'm back in DC. Taking it easy tonight, an MFZ (makeup free zone) for a change. We'll be working on production of our new show through early January, which will play in DC in early February, and then New York in March.
This is Natalie (left), and Lynne (right) in a bit of pre-New year's partying.
To all of you, have a safe and fun New Year's Eve and a great new year.

Great Benefit Last Night
Monday, December 19, 2005

Last night, Sunday, 18 December. we held a benefit for Grandma's House, which cares for children born with AIDS. Don't have a final tally of what we raised, but here Momma Blair did a great job again organising, promoting and performing. In the 10 years of the Brandy Dover Memorial Benefit for Grandma's House, Blair has raised ver $50,000. The pic here is f Momma and me going through the auction of goodies.
Thanks to all of you who donated so generously. More pix to come when I get them sent to me.

An Early Merry Christmas Card
Monday, December 12, 2005

You'll find this pix also in the photo gallery. From left is my sister Patti, Momma Blair, and I at our Beekman Place family Christmas dinner/party/show. Patti and Blair are more than one person can ever expect from a family. I love them both, and we all wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season.

Another Benefit Last Night
Sunday, December 11, 2005

Well, here I am with Santa. No, I'm not Mrs. Claus, but we do have a thing. Whenever my phone rings and I hear "Ho, ho, ho," I know he's talking about me. Yeah, bad joke, but it gets groans in between the laughs.

A Busy Few Weeks
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Hey Everybody, Well, it's been a bust few weeks of shows and farm work, and two weeks of more benbefits coming up before heading to NYC for some shows. This Saturday night, 10 January, my dear friend, Precious Stone is hosting a benefit for the DC Childrens' Hospital Burn Unit. It will be at Remington's, 629 (I think) Pennsylvania Ave., SE from 7 to 10pm. I'll be there in my "Santa's Helper" outfit. It's pretty short, so I'm hoping for a relatively warm night. Then we have out Christmas Party on SUnday, and next Sunday, 18 December, is the annual Brandy Dover Memorial benefit for Grandma's House, which raises funds, toys, blankets, clothes, food, whatever, for kids with pediatric AIDS. That will be at Titan's, 1337 14th St., NW, DC, starting around 9pm, show at 10pm. I'll have tons of outfits for that night, along with a reprise of Santa's Helper. Pix will be posted, I promise.
If you live in the DC area, please, please, please try to make it to these shows and contribute. We're only asdking for $5 cover charge or a wrapped children's toy, but more will gladly be accepted. Hope to see you all there.

Say Hi to Gosia
Monday, November 28, 2005

Before I get funny again, let me reintroduce all of you to Gosia, a dear, dear friend. Gosia currently is in Sri Lanka heading the relief efforts for the Polish Humanitarian Relief Organisation. Gosia used to work with me on my shows here in Washington, and is the most intelligent, beautiful, funny, witty, clever and hard working person I ever have met in my life. And try as I might to pay her, Gosia always turned down any money I wanted to pay her. And she still has a set of keys to my truck, which she named Lucy. Remind me to tell you some time about the time I got the truck stuck in the mud in the woods on the farm from an underground spring.
Along with Lucy (my truck), Ollie, T-Bone and Cagney (my three horses) say hello to Gosia, as I hope all of you do, too.
Keep up the good work, darling, and we'll get together in Warsaw and/or Munich in early February or whenever when I do some shows in Europe and you get back from Sri Lanka.
Love ya.
OK, enough serious stuff. More funny tomorrow or Wednesday when I finally post some of my parody songs and stuff under Comedy Corner.

Miss BHT
Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yes, earlier tonight I won the title of Miss BHT (Brother Help Thyself). Brother Help Thyself is a community based foundation that accomplishes its mission by: dispensing direct and matching grants to non-profit organizations; acting as a clearinghouse for donated goods and services; and serving as an information resource to the community.
During its 27 year history, BHT has awarded grants to 127 nonprofit organizations for a combined total of $1,838,397, including:
• ACLU Fund of the National Capital Area
• AIDS Network of the Tri-State Area
• Black Educational AIDS Project
• DC Coalition of Black Lesbians & Gays
• DC Prisoners Legal Services
• DC Rape Crisis Center
• DC Women's Center
• Downtown Cluster of Congregations
• Episcopal Caring Response to AIDS (ECRA)
• Food & Friends
• Gente Latina de Ambiente (GELAAM)
• Grandma's House
• House of Ruth
• Life Outreach Ministries
• Lutheran Social Services
• Make-A-Wish Foundation
• National Minority AIDS Council
• National Assn of Black & Together
• National Women & HIV/AIDS Project
• Pediatric AIDS/HIV Care
• Service Members Legal Defense Network
• Whitman-Walker Clinic
• Women's Collective
Many small nonprofits provide important community services but have neither the name recognition nor the fundraising power to survive on their direct contributions. By giving to BHT, these nonprofits can focus on improving their services rather than raising funds. Without help from BHT, some of these groups would cease to exist.
BHT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, defined by the IRS as a public charity; this means that your contributions are fully tax-deductible. Our tax identification
number is 52-1703915. All contributors to BHT receive, for IRS documentation purposes, a written acknowledgement that includes the amount of their donation.
For further information, visit:
Yes, I know this is a long post, but a worthy one. I hope I can live up to the title, and I encourage all of you to donate to BHT (go to their Web site and mention Ann Michaels sent you) or to do the same for your own local organisations.
Remember, there but for fortune go you or I.
I, as many of us, have been lucky or fortunate to still be alive, healthy and have loved ones around us. Many have not been so lucky, and it's up to us to be there. Otherwise, someone may not be around for you/us when we need it.
I'm not that religious of a person, to the dismay of some of my family, but I try to be very ethical and do believe in caring for the "least of our bretheren."
Bless all of you for whatever you can do.
Apologies for being so serious tonight, but even a comedian has to take a break now and then. More wiseassing soon, I promise.
OK, just one wiseass for now. I didn't really think I would win Miss BHT. I thought I was in the running for Miss BLT, mayo on the side, please.

A Girl's Gotta Eat
Sunday, November 13, 2005

So I may be a size 4, but I can outeat and outdrink any size 12 I know. Between dance rehearsals, farm work, and everything else in between, it takes a lot of kielbasa and beer (not to mention the Jaegermeister and Jameson's) to keep this kid going. Arteries are important, but not THAT important. I am performing at a benefit for Brother Help Thyself ( for more information on who they are and what they do) next Sunday, 20 November, and if anyone wants to make a donation to this great cause, you can either email me at info or bill, or just go to the Brother Help Thyself Web site and make your donation through paypal, and send a message that the donation gets accounted to Ann C. Michaels (my overall stage name). You get the tax deduction, I get the donation added to my efforts. And thanks for any donations. Love ya all.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Hey Everybody, it's been a busy week of shows down in Roanoke, Virginia, so I haven't been around to update the site. But I'm back home now, and will keep the journal updated as much as possible. This is a picture from the Sunday before Halloween at my favorite watering hole, The Pour House on Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill. That's Amanda on my right (your left) and Maura on my left, two of the sweetest people you would ever want to meet... and great bartenders, too.
And yes, the wigs they're wearing on mine, as is the leather halter dress Amanda is wearing, the skate skirt on Moira, and the fishnets. Hey, what are friends for?
OOK, I'll be uploading a couple of pix to the photo galery later this afternoon. So write and let me know what you think of the site so far (still a long work in progress re video clips and other stuff) or just say hi. Later.

The Annual High Heel Race
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well, despite chilly temps and some rainy weather, the annual High Heel Race took off at 9 last night, after a few hours of all the participants (some 120 or so) entertaining a crowd of over 3,000. The race is always held the Tuesday before Halloween up on 17th St., NW here in Washington.
I'll post a few pix of a party after the race, and will add more as I get them from friends.
And we're back on schedule, so keep posted for the dates of our new Ann Coulter political cabaret show in mid-November.

Another long interval between posts
Monday, October 17, 2005

Sorry for the delay. Lots of shows, lots of work on the farm, and other things in between. This is a pix from last night after a show,, with my friend Rachel at the Pour House on Capitol Hill. Great place to visit and hang out, great staff, and great people, like Rachel. And they're cool enough to deal with me coming in for a few beers (and some Jaeger Bombs last night... it was Rachel's fault for my hangover today.. ROFL... being a Republican, or at least playing one on stage, I don't have to take personal responsibility for my actions,,, it's all Bill Clinton's fault... or Hillary's... or maybe Rachel's... just kidding, Rachel.) after a show still in character. Gotta love the place.
Anyway, more soon.

Gosia's heading back to Sri Lanka
Friday, September 30, 2005

Hey, Everybody, It's been a crazy week or more. Bush-hogging fields at the farm, taking care of horses, writing new material for the shows (which will start up in mid-October)and all the business side of show business. In the meantime, Gosia (pictured here), my wonderful former co-worker and aide de camp, is heading back to Sri Lanka with the Polish Humanitarian Organization to continue working on relief efforts from the tsunami last December (I lost some family members in that tsunami... one reason for the delay on new comedy material.). Anyway, I hope all of you wish Gosia well on her efforts in Sri Lanka, and her eventual comeback to Washington and to my shows. I miss her more than you can imagine. She was the real backbone of my shows. Bóg szybkosci, Gosia, zwracaja w calosci, kocham was. I hope my Polish is understandable to Gosia. Personal to Gosia: I can't make all the letters of the Polish alphabet on my computer, hence the calosci instead of ca (the other l, as in Lwow.. you know what I mean)... and other grammatical errors. More soon.

Long Time Between Entries
Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hi Gang, sorry for the long delay between entries. Between working on shows, and helping out volunteering on the Katrina recovery operations, I have been one busy maniac. To update things quickly, my cousin Karen is now also working for me and will help on business, promotion and marketing. I also plan on getting her up on stage with me. Other than that, dance rehearsals have been moving along, along with some other minor shows as Paris Hilton and Carol Channing, before heading back into the political realm with the Ann Coulter parody show. OK, enough for now, Will add some comedy this week, I promise.

Dang, Time Flies by Too Quickly
Saturday, August 27, 2005

I just realised its been over two weeks again since my last posting. Well, a lot has happened since then, on the farm and doing the shows.
First, we raised over $1300 for Grandma's House, which cares for abandoned and abused kids with pediatric AIDS.
The rest of the past few weeks have been working on the farm with my horses, and writing new songs for the show, which we weill start up in DC again in mid-late September. My cousin, Karen, will be in the show, and I hope to have a bio on her up soon. She also will be helping me with the business side of the business, to leave me with more time to be funny.
And on a sad note, one of my two favorite bars, Capitol Lounge, was gutted by a fire this past Tuesday morning. Thise of you in DC know the place as a great watering hole. I've often showed up there after shows, still in character, giving a quick free performance for the regulars who fortunately know me.
So keep checking the site for performance dates and new news and pix.
And keep sending me emails about the site, my performances, and bookings.
OK, off to a quick benefit performance. I prpomise to have some of my parody songs up by Monday, since tomorrow is fsrm/horse day.
Love to all.

Back to the Farm
Thursday, August 11, 2005

OK, I managed to get back up to date after more than a month running around the country doing shows and working on the farm.
I'll be back on the farm Thursday morning all day, then back in DC Thursday night for dance rehearsals and back on the farm Friday.
So it may be a few days again until I update this site, and I still have to get the video clips from the show online and add in some of my parody songs.
That I will do by early next week the latest.
In the meantime, one last baby pix of me and my first beer. I could say it was also my last beer, but that would be a really big lie.
Enjoy, and don't be shy about sending me emails of what you think of the site. If I can run around in front of between 120 and 3000 people in a blond wig and black dress, you can at least send an email saying hi, love you or hate you.
So God bless all of you, and I hope you keep coming back. Good night, welte Ruste guten Nacht, dobrze vecere, and so on.

The Naked Truth
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wel, since I've been a journalist for these oh so many years after leaving show biz and now back into it, I fgured I'd add some journalistic "cheesecake."
Trust me, this is the most naked you'll ever see me. I was about two and a half, and amazingly, already reading (or at least comprehending written words) thanks to both my parents and my uncle. To get mildly serious, for a comedian, if it weren't for my parents and extended family reading to me and explaining everything I asked them, I might be pumping gas for a living nowadays.
Teachers are great, and I had a lot of great teachers, but if you don't take the responsbility on yourselves as parents, don;t expect the best of teachers to do their job. My baby (hah, some baby, she's now in her early 20s) had me and her Mom love her, teach her, read to her, and so on, and by the time she went to school she could talk international affairs. OK, I'm a proud Dad, but love and encouragement and taking responsibility goes a long way to having great kids.
OK, enough soap box for now.
More wiseassing tomorrow.

Yes, I'm a Patriotic Horse Kick
Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Well, since I haven't written in such a long time, I figured I'd get a few daily entries in before I get bogged down again. Today is another photo from two 4th of July's ago, when I led a parade in Bethesda, MD. See, you don't have to be a neo-con to be patriotic (in fact, I used to be a member of the Conservative Party of New York back in my youth... now I'm an independent so I can pick on both sides). One of these days I'll find an old pix of when I was camaign manager for Dick Callahan running on the CPNY ticket in the old 17th CD in Manhattann running against Ed Koch when he was stll in Congress.
We're having a Labor Day picnic out at the farm in western VA over Labor Day, so I'll have some new pix (sans beard) on horseback shortly thereafter.
Take care, and send some email. The address is info (or bill) Would love to hear from more of you lurkers.

I'm Finally Back
Monday, August 8, 2005

Well, finally, after a long July of shows, writing new material and working on the farm, I'm back. We'll be doing new shows in DC by mid-September, finalising contracts with some clubs/cabarets in town.
After that, I have a number of shows back in Europe in early October and we'll be back in DC by late October/early November.
I have to be back on the farm in the morning to work with the farrier. My young guy, Cagney, managed to take a pice of hoof off, probably running like an idiot. Xrays show no broken coffin bone, so we have to put some sealer in his hoof and a clamp shoe, and if all goes well I'll be riding him again in about three weeks. He's 3 and a half years old, so still pretty much a butt head, and I'm getting too old to play rodeo rider. I gave that stuff up in 2000 after doing bareback bronco for more years than I should have. That's why I like Ollie, my 30 year old, and T-Bone, my now 9 year old. They have more brains than the little butthead. But dang, can he run and cut cattle. The pix today if of me and T-Bone, and my friend Larrry and his horse, Doc, when we did a 4th of July parade last year near Frederick, MD. I miss my beard. More pix and notes tomorrow after I get back from the farm, including some of my baby girl in Munich. Later, gang.

Finally, An Update
Friday, June 24, 2005

Apologies, apologies, apologies. It's been a busy month between the farm and a number of shows and events during Capital Pride here in DC. I've also been writing new material, and plan to have my Ann Coulter show back on stage by mid-July. In the meantime, I've been performing as Carol Channing (pix soon) and as Paris Hilton (more pix to come). I'll have the schedule of dates and venues for mid-July up within a week, I promise.

Miss Peace Love and Harmony, 2005
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Yes, I was crowned Miss Peace Love and Harmony 2005 this past Sunday by the Academy of Washington. Considering the intolerant individual I play in my shows, this is quite an honor. My goal: to use my time, efforts, talents (whatever they may be), humor, wit (or the half I have) and experience to continue to create an atmosphere and culture where everyone is treated with understanding and respect. A tall (pun intended, considering my height) order, but rest assured I will be fighting for peace, love and harmony long after my year-long reign, until my final breath... which is not on my short "to do" list (the final breath, that is). Hey, it may sound a bit PollyAnna, but it sure beats stealing hub caps for a living.
But all kidding aside for a moment, I take this honor very seriously, and pray I can fill the heels (probably no where as big as mine) of my predecessors in taking on this resposnsibilty.

New stills, video in a week or so
Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Well, we have a new publicity still up on the pictures page, and hopefully we'll have the video clips up and running in about a week or so. We're still working on the material for the new shows, but may hold off on when we open again in DC. I may be running over to Munich and Ljubljana a little later this month for my first shows overseas (Great. Now I have to figure out how much of my stuff sounds funny in German and Slovenian.) I'll keep you posted on our travels and opening dates in DC. Hope you all like the new publicity still, and keep the emails coming. Ceck back again soon for more photos.

Busy Week or so, new photo shoots
Thursday, April 28, 2005

Well, it's amazing how quickly time passes... 10 days since the last entry here. Still working on the new scripts, and starting rehearsals for the new shows. We also did another photo shoot yesterday, a la last week's Time magazine cover. Not exactly a duplicate, but they're pretty good. I'll post 'em Friday or Saturday after I get tham back from my photographer.
One more shoot next week on some other characters I perform, including Carol Channing and Tom Petty.
See you soon.

Happy Birthday Cagney
Friday, April 15, 2005

Well, my youngest horse turns 5 today, and I'm heading out to the farm early to see the three of them and get more work done out there. Ever try hauling hay with acrylic nails?
This weekend we play in New York, and then back to DC to continue writing the new shows. The problem with topical humor is that it's... well... so topical. What's in the news one week gets old pretty quickly, so it's a fluid process.
We'll keep you posted on the newe show dates, aswell as a few other benefit shows we've been asked to do over the next month or so.

Another Birthday
Friday, April 8, 2005

One horse turned 29 on Wednesday, 6 April, I turned...well... a little more than 29 today. One more birthday to go through this month, 15 April, my Dad's birthday, who's no longer with us, as well as my young horse, Cagney (in the pix with me), who turns 5 next Friday.
There's some perverse, humorous connection there between him sharing a birthday with a horse and tax day, which he would enjoy, but I'll have to think about it.
So, another year, another milestone. I'm off to see my musical director, Deena, in a few to work out some new songs.
BTW... Todd Rundgren is playing Warner Theater here in DC on 26 April, so catch his show. And rumor has it Michele is gearing up for a Tubes reunion soon. I'll keep you posted as to dates and venues for that.
Until tomorrow, folks.

Happy Birthday, Ollie!
Wednesday, April 6, 2005

A non-show entry today, but more to write about tomorrow regarding the LIFEbeat AIDS benefit show we did last Saturday night.
But today, April 6, belongs to Oliver Twist, aka Ollie, aka ButtHead, my oldest Quarter Horse, who turned 30. That's about 75+ in human years.
He's a bit bedraggled for that age, but he's still a wiseass extraordinaire, teaching my younger horses how to open locked gates, how to open my truck, and all kinds of other nonsense.
He had two bananas (his favorite) for a birthday present, and then I rode him bareback across the farm, just holding on to his mane for a while. Mostly, he still knows leg commands, so we traversed over the 235 acres at the farm, going through woods, fields and the pond.
He's a pro, and I've ridden him through the streets of Washington, DC in many parades, and hopefully at least one more finale later this year.
Happy Birthday, Ollie.
Next Friday, 15 April, his youngest partner, Cagney, will turn 5, and on May 6, my middle one, T-Bone, turns 9.
So pix of them will come soon, along with nore pix of Ollie.
More on the shows tomorrow.

A new cast member!
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Hi. I know, I know, long time, no hear. Well, it's been a few busy months, performing around DC and in New York City, as well as writing and rehearsing two new shows set to open early May.
A lot has happened over the past few months, from the inauguration to the Social Security battles, so we've been writing new materiall to keep up with the ever changing political climate.
I'd also like to introduce a new member to the cast (more details later this week): Roberta Yafie, writer and performer. (She's the "short" one on the left.)
Roberta and I have known each other for more than 20 years... since we were both around three. Hah!
A journalist, as I was for so many years, Roberta also has been my editor on a number of newspapers and magazines over the years.
Roberta is a member of The Players in New York City, and has written for and appeared in dozens of "Financial Follies", the annual satirical musical produced by the Financial Writers of New York association.
Roberta, when she's not trying to steal my gowns, will be collaborating on a number of new songs, and will also perform in the show.
So that's it for now, and I promise to keep you all updated more frequently.

A Belated Happy New Year
Friday, January 14, 2005

Well, a belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all. Our Capitol Cabaret site went live New Year's Eve, and we still have lots to add, including audio and video clips over the next few weeks.
We're also getting the new show together, and will be ready to hit the boards in about a week. Keep checking back for the exact dates and venues.
On another note, Gosia Lewandowska (you can read about her on the Supporting Cast page)isn't in Poland right now. Nor is she back working with me on the show.
No, Gosia is currently in Sri Lanka, overseeing the Polish Humanitarian Organization's mission to help the tsunami victims. I hope you all wish her and all the volunteers (and the victims as well) all the best to help try to bring things back to some sort of normalcy.
That's Gosia in the picture, driving my truck. Since she still has a set of keys, I'd better go check either where it weas parked last, or the news to see if I see it in Sri Lanka.

Stephanie's Journal Entry
Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Haha... I thought I would take over Bill's website here since I am the only other individual in the WHOLE entire world who has been given the honor of administrator access to his new updatable website!!!! I must say that he has been working me steady, having to go through thousands of pictures for the Photo Gallery... and I'm not being sarcastic here, this man-- er woman somedays,-- literally has THOUSANDS of pictures of him in THOUSANDS of different outfits! ... oh if only I had his wardrobe!

... shoes might not fit though
... back to work
CHEERS TO YOU BILL!!! (I'm on the right!)

Help, I and my Web site have been kidnapped by a mad site administrator!!!!

**MU HA HA HA HA HA HA ... ;)

Getting ready for 2005
Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Well, here is the very first "Behind the Scenes" entry on our new Web site.
It's been just about a year now since the idea of playing political cabaret as Ann Coulter was first proposed.
And after months of writing song parodies and dialogue, interminable rerhearsals and some early shows last Spring to get the bugs out, we've been playing to great crowds at the Hawk 'n Dove in Washington, DC, and other venues across the country.
My deepest thannks to Deb Combs for her brilliant directing and patience; Deena Javor for her musical arrangements and accompaniment; and Gosia, Robb, Blair, Kathy, Stephanie and others, without whom we wouldn't have either a show or Web site.
We're taking a hiatus through December while writing new material and putting together a second cabaret show, and will be back live in early January.
But the make-up kit isn't gathering dust this month. I've performed at a number of benefits recently to raise money for breast cancer and for Grandma's House for pediatric AIDS, and will always continue to keep open dates for these and other causes.
I'll be updating the "Behind the Scenes" frequently, and will keep you posted on the insanity of producing, writing and performing cabaret.
Love to all. Be back soon.

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