Capitol Cabaret, an ensemble cast performing political satire, formed about a year ago when some long-time friends of Bill Pietrucha, a writer, journalist and actor, told him he resembled neo-conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter.

Having performed other impressions on stage, including Hank Williams Sr. and Tom Petty, as well as being a writer, Bill took up the challenge of playing his first female role.

After writing an hour-long show filled with musical parodies combined with satirical political observations, Bill collaborated with singer, pianist and musical arranger Deena Javor and Broadway and television actress and singer Deb Combs.

The result: a "one-woman" show featuring political satire in a cabaret setting.

Since then, that first show, written and produced by Bill, has turned into an ensemble cast performing other shows written by Bill, and other impersonations, such as Sens. John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, with new shows and new material in the works.

As long-time associate and producer of Profile Productions, Larry LaSota said, "Bill is a combination of Mel Brooks and Mark Russell."

That combination has produced a satirical and humorous look at politics in general, and the Bush Administration in particular, in the mostly humorless town of Washington, DC.

The ensemble cast has since performed across the United States, and currently is negotiating additional bookings in 2005 on college campuses, comedy clubs and cabarets across America and in Europe.

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