Bill Pietrucha

International journalist, singer, horse trainer, actor, editor, dancer, comedy writer, heavy equipment operator and lighting director… what else could there be? How about impersonator?

Bill currently is appearing in a "one-woman" show called "Annie Has Her Gun," a political cabaret act in which he plays neo-conservative pundit Ann Coulter. Bill and his cast have performed the show in Hawaii, California, New York City, and Washington, DC.

But unlike the real Coulter, Bill is an equal opportunity satirist who takes swings at both the left and right. His monologues and song parodies pick on everyone from John and Theresa Heinz Kerry to Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

Bill conceived of and wrote the one-hour show, and currently is working on two other musical cabaret shows, after more than a decade since he last "trod the boards."

Prior to this latest incarnation back in theatre, Bill performed cabaret in New York City, including showcase off-Broadway productions featuring the music and lyrics of E. Y. Harburg ("Over the Rainbow"), "Finian's Rainbow" and Dorothy Fields ("Sweet Charity").

He also performed and choreographed cabaret numbers in Berlin and Munich, Germany.

And in the intervening time between shows, Bill has been a journalist and editor covering international business and politics for a number of newspapers and magazines over the past two decades.

That is, when he wasn't training horses.

But then his old buddy, Larry LaSota from their rock and roll days (Bill did the light shows, Larry the audio for such groups as Iggy Pop, Johnny Winter, and others) saw the real Ann Coulter on the Bill Maher Show and said to his wife, Elaine, "That's Bill in a blond wig!"

Well, one phone call led to another, and the concept of a political cabaret act soon worked its way into what generally passes for Bill's brain.

So here we are, a far cry from covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, and living in places such as Munich, Amsterdam, Budapest and Moscow.

With Larry and Elaine, Deb Combs, Michele Rundgren and musical director and arranger Deena Javor, Bill is writing and collaborating on new shows, both stand-up comedy and cabaret.

And with director and make-up artist extraordinaire, Deb, they have created and performed a number of other impersonations and characters, including: Hank Williams Sr., Marlene Dietrich, Patsy from "Absolutely Fabulous," Tom Petty, Ron Wood and Bob Dylan.


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