Deborah Combs

Born in the heat of Arizona and transported to the steamy side of Capitol Hill via NYC and LA, Deb brings her comedic, theatrical and directorial charms and talents to the magical world of Cabaret.

After numerous onstage and camera credits, Deb has returned to the musical stage as "Hillary Clinton" in some heated musical debates against Bill's "Ann Coulter" character.

Deb has an extensive list of musical and comedy credits, including performances at the Kennedy Center in the first National Company of the hit Broadway Musical "Shenandoah" starring the late Howard Keel; and at the National Theatre in "A Community of Two," starring the Academy Award winning actress of Frank Capra's "It Happened One Night", the late Claudette Colbert.

After appearing in numerous situation comedies on national television such as "Soap," "Brothers," and as the pesky neighbor, Trudy, in "Webster," Deb's love of directing and performing teams her with Bill as they take their musical backgrounds to political parody where all that glitters may not always be gold, but it shines with a glamorous and satirical twist.

Besides directing and performing, Deb's multiple talents also include makeup. And as Bill's makeup artist, the transformation from his cowboy background to numerous other characters, not only including Ann Coulter, but Marlene Dietrich, Tom Petty, Patsy from "Absolutely Fabulous, Hank Williams Sr., and others is complete.


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