Supporting Cast

Larry and Elaine LaSota, Producers

Along with producing some of our shows, and first prodding Bill with the idea to get back into cabaret, Larry and Elaine LaSota’s award-winning Profile Productions company produces top quality wedding, corporate, music and other videos. With almost 30 years’ experience in entertainment, Larry LaSota has worn virtually every hat in the business, from associate director, to production manager, to videotape editor to production sound mixer.

He has been an audio and P.A. sound mixer for all the major studios and networks and most of the smaller production companies, working on commercials, network shows, specials and sporting events, and band and orchestra productions and concerts.

LaSota has also worked as a director, cameraman and videotape editor on commercials, industrial and promotional productions. 

Larry’s television credits include: Designing Women (Emmy nomination); Family Ties (Emmy nomination); Mr. Previn Comes to Town (Sound Emmy Award); Liberty Weekend - Opening Ceremonies (Pro Sound News Award); Golden Girls; Coach; Major Dad; Alice; Webster; Hearts Afire; PBS Frontline; the McNeal-Lerher Report; The Academy Awards; The Grammy Awards and The Emmy Awards.

Larry was also National Promotions Coordinator for Post Records at Philadelphia, producing multimedia marketing campaigns in all major U.S. and Canadian markets.

Elaine moved from Broadway and live theatre to television, and held many titles on numerous prestigious productions, including The Waltons, Police Story, Dallas, and Eight is Enough.

You can see their work at: and at


Michele Rundgren

A classy and funny lady who has played "Hillary Clinton" in Bill's "Annie Has Her Gun" show.

Michele has been a circus trapeze artist, a singer and dancer on Broadway, one of the original members of the rock band "The Tubes," and a back-up singer for her husband Todd Rundgren.

Michele also has her own radio show, "Chick Talk/Chick Rock" on, and performs her own comedy show, called "NC-17 from a 34 D."

You can find out more about Michele, her show, and Todd and her kids at


Gosia Lewandowska

No show can make it without the invaluable assistance from a number of people, and Gosia has been the glue that keeps this show running and on its toes.

From video and still cameraperson, to audio set-up and wardrobe coordinator, Gosia does it all. And did I mention she drives my 8-foot bed GMC pick-up truck all over the place for me? And sometimes even not telling me she's using it?

Gosia is back in her native Poland right now (still with a set of keys to my truck), and we're hoping for a quick return to the States. We miss her.

Thanks for everything, Gosia. You're brilliant, beautiful and capable.


Robb Lashley

Robb is another one of those who never get any credit, but keeps the show running through setting up the audio equipment to helping haul equipment. He also provides drinks to the "Star," namely me, as a bartender at the Hawk n' Dove. (And yes, I pay for them and leave a healthy tip.)

Thanks and kudos to you, too, Robb.




Blair Michaels

Blair Michaels, a female impersonator for over 22 years, is my "Drag Momma," providing support in all areas as I refine my own impersonations.

Along with performing, and winning many titles, Blair is also known as the "Queen of Charity," raising and donating over $1.5 million to various charities over her career.

Blair's (and my) favorite charity is and always be "Grandma's House, an organization that provides homes and care for children with HIV/AIDS.

Kisses and thanks for your support, not only to me, but to all the charities you have donated so much time and money to. I'll always be there for you and with you performing at these charity events as well.

Blair's site is at


Hawk n' Dove

The oldest Irish Pub in Washington, DC, the Hawk opened its doors in 1967. Along with good food, great beer (and some excellent Jameson's), the Hawk has been "home" to our show in its earliest days, offering us the upstairs clubroom for rehearsals and shows.

If you're in Washington, DC, head on over to 329 Pennsylvania Ave., SE on Capitol Hill for a brew and a burger.

Thanks especially to owner Stuart Long, manager Paul Meagher, night manager Edgar Guttierez, James, Hillary, Eva and the rest of the crew who have had to tolerate me running around in make-up and wigs, as we get ready for a night's performance.

And most importantly, a big thanks to my co-worker and boss on Tuesday nights, when I still tend bar for the fun of it, Brian Denver. Brian's one of the few people I can call a real Mensch, and that's because he puts up with me singing and dancing behind the bar while I'm mixing drinks and "playing" to the crowd. I'll forever consider Brian a real friend.

You can find out more about the Hawk at


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